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My name is Tony Hopcraft. Born and raised in Orlando Florida,I came from Orlando to St Augustine in 1987.I stumbled into Auto detailing and it became a passion.I took the time to understand anything and everything about Reconditioning auto,boat,motorcycles and planes.Well thirty years later here I am. But another passion came and that was helping foster kids.

So about 15 years ago my phone rang.Are you hiring ? The voice on the the other end said. I said no, because I was always a one man show.

Then I asked," where did you get my phone number?"

He said out of the phone book.( I did not have a website then)

That impressed me so I met my first young man who was from the foster care program and there it began.

I began training them and they caught on

Detailing was a natural for these young people.Many times, in dead end jobs because of minimal opportunities,auto and yacht detailing is a natural for these people.

I had made a great living so i began mentoring them,and those who caught on are the next generation for the Detail Man In St Augustine.

The Team and New Owners

I met Roy Wardrup ten years ago fresh out of the foster care program.He was looking for an opportunity and detailing was a perfect fit.

He was a quick study and has become a professional in every way.He can do it all and do it all   Read Roy's story here

Then one day I met Roys foster brother Mat Fairchild. Mat will also give you quality work.Mat's desire is to give you quality work so he can take care of his family.

Read Mat's story here

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When I am in Florida I always stop by St Augustine to let the Detail Man take care of my Rig, Michael Goulian Red Bull Air Race Pilot

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