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Simix Multi Surface Protector And Simix Supreme Shield

From Aircraft To Auto Simix Does it All

How good is Simix Supreme Shield  or Simix Multi Surface protector  for your car's paint? Well let me give you the 411 on this product.Good enough to devote a whole page to sharing my experiences with it on over 12,000 automobiles,thousands of motorcycles,boats and RV"s and a few world class Aircraft.

For the first time in twenty five years I was blown away by this product

I have always been a Meguairs, Auto-Magic and Car Brite Guy when it came to buying my waxes.

Eight years ago a scientist approached me and asked if I would check out a product for him.Basically I blew him off because over the years (twenty five of them) I had several people approach me to look at some NEW product.

My findings were usually recycled technolgy.The same old song and dance.Some new carnuaba wax with incredible high tech etc.etc. Yeah carnuaba is kick butt when you need shine and even protection.The only problem it usually last MAXIMUM 2 months.

When I saw this product I was freaked.It was like the I phone of the car paint protection world.Simply off the charts.

The guy who made it is into Nano molecular manipulation in the coatings field.Whatever that means,but I'll tell you he got my attention.This product is a Si02 technology

I use this exclusively on my customers cars and if you check my testimonial page,you will see my customers expect and get the best hands down

  • Do you want to save incredible amounts of time when waxing your car
  • Do you want your paint to pop and I mean Pop, Bling with minumal effort.
  • You can also treat all of your Black Trim and watch it bead for months on end
  • Do you want people to think you are a professional detailer
  • Do you want brake dust to NEVER attach to your wheels permanently
  • Do you like Rain-X? You will hate it after you try Simix Supreme Shield.Simix Supreme Shield is like Rain-X on steroids.It last for eight months per application.
  • Matte Paint Compatible
  • Stops damage from eggs

Treat Anything

Everything Stays Cleaner Longer

Simix Supreme Shield is the easiest, most effective and economical coating on the market.

Buy Simix Here

Simix is a super-hydrophobic coating

Best Paint Protection

The Pencil Test
A test of hardness

Test Summary: ASTM D3363 "Standard Test Method for Film Hardness by Pencil Test" measures the gouge and scratch hardness of a coating. Gouge and Scratch is measured by using different grades of pencil lead to cut through the coating surface. To conduct this test, a coated panel is placed on a flat, horizontal surface. A weighted trolley is loaded with the hardest pencil lead (9h), placed on the panel and pushed away from the operator for a length of 6.5 mm. This process is repeated until a lead is found that will not cut through the coating to the substrate for a distance of 3 mm (gouge hardness). The process is then continued until a lead is found that will not cut nor scratch the coating (scratch hardness).

Simix was tested by Axel Nobel and PPG and passed the pencil test

Simix Supreme Shield Does it All

One of My repeat Customers

The topside of this boat now three years old.

Super Gloss No Buffing

Brake Dust Will not stick.

Run your own test.Just treat half of the wheel and watch it for a week or two.The treated side will be much cleaner.

Every thing on the car below is treated inside and out with one product.Paint ,glass,lights,wheels Everything-
Repels: Brake dust – Bugs – Bird droppings (unable to adhere to surface)!
Multiple coats enhances deeper shine
Lasts longer and outperforms window water repellents
Simix Supreme Shield is like Rain X on steroids

Treat your Entire Interior

  • You can treat your complete interior and nothing ever attaches to the interior components.
  • The nano particles are constantly self cleaning and sterilizing.Visit my other website to see this incredible technology .See Tio2 here
  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates VOC's
  • Safe on leather or any interior component.Do not use on brake pedal,gas pedal or steering wheel.To slick
  • No petroleum distillates or silicone

Watch how it repels water

Treat Your Boat

  • You can treat any thing on your boat with incredible results.
  1. Treat your eisen glass
  2. Treat your stainless
  3. Treat your bright work.
  4. Lets make it easy,Treat everything on the boat with one exception,the NON SKID,The product makes everything slick

Treat the hull and get up to 8 miles per hour with the same rpms

Owner of Douglas marine Said " We spent 150,000 to get 3 more miles per hour out of our Race Boat.

We treated the hull of the boat with SIMIX and got two more miles per hour

Treat your motorcycle Everything including engine,wheels,forks,whatever.Not the seat

Below is a Infomercial they just shot on the product

Here; a sixty second spot that pretty much gives you the idea.This is not ICE.Ice is used one day and gone the next.This last for months on end,and I can treat an entire car in under thirty minutes.You can order Simix Supreme Shield They also call it nano magic.

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Simix Does it All

Treated with Simix