FAQ about detailing in St Augustine Florida

  1. What is Detail Man's Location? Your driveway is my location.I come to you in the St Augustine area.
  2. How much does it cost?You can go to my pricing page here.
  3. How much experience does Detail Man Have? Twenty seven years of hands on.You name Detail Man can do any thing that pertains to auto,motorcycle and boat detailing
  4. How long does it take? Usually on a standard size car you can count on two hours for a whole detail and one hour for a custom wash job
  5. What kind of wax do I use?I do not use wax.Wax is outdated technology.I use SI02 technology and it is the best paint protection on the market.
  6. Can I shampoo carpets? YES and expect your seats to be damp for four hours.
  7. My paint is dull.Can you make it shiny again?It depends on the situation but normally YES.View pics here

My black truck stays so clean since Tony treated it.It actually washes incredibly well in a rainstorm. Elaine Fraser Owner Oldest Wooden School House

When I am in Florida I always stop by St Augustine to let the Detail Man take care of my Rig, Michael Goulian Red Bull Air Race Pilot

Tony has been detailing my vehicles for years. Bryan Fraser Fountain of Youth