I have been Detailing RV's  and waxing them for 30 years inSt Augustine, Palm Coast.

I no longer use wax but now use  longer lasting hydro phobic coatings for the same price.

If you own an RV it did not take long for you to realize how much work it takes for to keep it cleaned.

In my experience most RV's are neglected and usually put in a storage lot and slowly rot away.It is alot of maintenance and if you do not keep up on it you will see your investment slowly but surely deterioate.

To keep an RV looking right.you need to

  1. Clean roof at least once a year
  2. Keep wax or Simix. on the exterior
  3. Cover tires or treat with Simix to prevent tire rot
  4. Do not wash with hard water (Well Water)
  5. WAsh at least every 4 months.
  6. Aluminum wheels must be polished once a year

Oxidation from the sun will be your worst enemy and if you do not maintain the exterior with UV protection you will soon need what is called a high speed buffing.

That is expensive.I normally detail RV's for about six  dollars a foot but if you need oxidation removal,count on twelve dollars a foot.

If you park your RV under trees you will get accelerated algae and mold growth.You can help this by applying Tio2 to prevent this growth on the roof of your RV.The Ti02is photocatalytic therefore it helps greatly in the prevention of mold growth.

Make note:If you park RV under a tree mold and algae growth will be accelerated.

If your roof has mold or algae bleach works the best to remove it but it is highly corrosive and aggressive on rubber roofs.If you use bleach rinse well.Your best bet is to not let the growth begin.

Bottom line you must maintain your RV consistently or you will have a big bill to get it back in shape.

I use only Simix non wax coating on everything  that I do.Not only is it the easiest to apply but last longer than any wax out there.

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My black truck stays so clean since Tony treated it.It actually washes incredibly well in a rainstorm. Elaine Fraser Owner Oldest Wooden School House

When I am in Florida I always stop by St Augustine to let the Detail Man take care of my Rig, Michael Goulian Red Bull Air Race Pilot

Tony has been detailing my vehicles for years. Bryan Fraser Fountain of Youth