Auto Detailing Supplies

Over the years I have learned to simplify my auto detailing supplies.It wasn't unusual to see me with for or five different waxes,a slew of all purpose cleaners and anything else that the car care distributors put in front of my face.I was a auto detailing supplies junkie.

Always looking for the next ultimate bling possibilities.I wanted to make my customers cars look their best because that is my paycheck.

Well now I have simplified the situation to 6 different type products

No longer a detailing chemical junkie.I mean when you go to some of Detailing Supplies websites or even the Auto Isle at Wal-mart you can be completley confused as what to get for your situation so I am going to simplify it for you.

Do your self a favor and do not get sucked in by detailing supplies addiction.Yeah you will always be looking but I will show you what I use successfully day in and day out.Some of these items I sell but that is because i believe in their value and performance.

Below is a website that has anything you nead if you are not close to a Wal mart or some place to buy car care chemicals.Look for like I mentioned above.The Simix you can get here.

  • A good all purpose cleaner
  • A good wheel cleaner for brake dust
  • Hydrofluoric acid for hard water spots
  • Simix non wax clear coating
  • Water based tire dressing
  • A good window cleaner

Once you have the basics you can tackle any situation.

it is also a good idea to have a wet vac.If you don't have one go to the local corner gas station or do it yourself car wash that has the and pay a couple bucks to use the big vacuum cleaner.

Simix All Purpose


Buy a bag of all purpose and receive a free 4 oz of Simix Supreme hydro phobic coating

Best all purpose cleaner I know of, watch below buy here

Sterilize Everything

This 5 lb container of Simix All Purpose Cleaner makes over 90 gallons of all purpose cleaner that is effective on cleaning anything and sterilizes everything as well .

I Ship to US Destinations only

Simix All Purpose

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Simix Does it All