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If bleach has been your go-to product to solve problems like mold, oil stains, disinfectant, and floor cleaning, then it's time to discover Simix All Purpose Cleaner.

Before I introduce you to the many benefits of this incredible product, let's take a close look at your existing solution, and why you should be looking for an alternative.

Toxic Fumes

Pick up any industrial cleaner, mold remover, or disinfectant, and check out the warning labels. They make pretty scary reading.

Most are very hazardous to handle, and require immediate, expert medical attention if your skin, eyes or lungs are accidentally exposed to them.

At best, you will be using the product in an outdoor environment, or in well-ventilated conditions. If not, you ought to be wearing hazmat protection, such as thick gloves, a body suit, or full head mask when you're using them. (How many employers provide these for you?)

But the sad truth is, industrial working conditions are seldom perfect. Thousands of employees are injured each year, from exposure to corrosive liquids and toxic fumes.

Wouldn't you rather be working with a product that's not only safe to handle, it's also good for the environment (your working environment, and the planet as a whole)?

Count the Cost Savings

What if there were a product that costs only one tenth the price of your existing solution, yet was proven to be completely safe, and remarkably easy to use? Simix to the rescue!

Remove toxicity, and you also remove the need for special training, hazmat protection, and special ventilation that are all required when you're using bleach, or other corrosive cleaning agents.

You could save 900 percent on your existing cost of cleaning agents alone. Add to that savings on the precautions required when your staff work with hazardous chemicals, and lost work days from sickness or injury, and you can begin to see why Simix is such an amazing bargain.

More About Simix

Simix is really the only alternative available that's not only effective, but it's good for the environment.

Here are some compelling reasons to find out more:

  • Set-and-Forget: Simix is applied once, and continues working for months afterwards.
  • Easier to Use: no scrubbing and intensive cleaning required. Simply shake and spray onto the area you wish to treat.
  • Eases compliance with local environmental laws, saving you fines or costly specialist clean-up.
  • Totally safe to work with.
  • Prevents the growth of mold, viruses and bacteria.
  • Hugely cheaper than bleach and other industrial cleaners, oil or mold removers.

Click here to read more about Simix today. If you'd prefer to speak to somebody, then please contact.

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