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I have been doing boat detailing in St Augustine for thirty years.

FYI I no longer use wax but longer lasting hydro phobic coatings for the same price.

Boat detailing is the hardest work so the best bet is to maintain it and not let it get away from you.Easier said than done...The old saying is "The two happiest days with a boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it.

I do not do yachts any more but gladly will work on your small boat.Questions to ask yourself.Call for a quote

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Boat detailing questions to ask yourself

  • Is my gel coat oxidized
  • Does my stainless have rust spots
  • Is it covered with black mold
  • Do you have orange staining on the hull

In general Is my boat a mess?If so this will effect the charge on your boat detailing process.

First lets deal with oxidation.

Signs of Medium OxidationThe entire surface of the boat will be dull with little reflectivity, and there will be signs of pitting. To remove the oxidation and smooth the pitting, you will need to apply a polishing compound using a circular motion with a machine buffer. The polish, similar to fine sandpaper, removes the pitted surface rather than coating it.I use aqua buff 2000 on this type of oxidation and it works great for restoring the luster to your dull boat

Signs of Heavy OxidationThe entire surface of the boat will have no reflectivity and may be chalky to the touch - pitting is obvious. At this stage of oxidation, washing, sanding and polishing are required. In most cases though, restoration will mean intense work to restore the shine and may require the attention of a professional. In the worst oxidation cases, the gelcoat may be beyond restoration and painting the boat may be the only option. The best medicine for gelcoat oxidation is prevention. Follow a simple gelcoat maintenance plan to protect your boat's gelcoat.I recommend a hydrophobic coating that I have been using for ten plus years.  If you suspect your boat's gelcoat is already oxidized, try these simple tips to remove gelcoat oxidation and restore your boat's gelcoat to its original lustre.

Rust on Stainless Steel Stainless steel will develop rust spots and Brass wool is a non chemical way to eliminate it.If you use stainless steel the fibers will float through the air and land on your boat and develop little rust spots all over the boat.If you want to tick off your neighbors in a marina use stainless steel.Years ago I had to detail two boats for free because I did not know this little thing.In the event that you have already made this mistake use some hydrofluoric acid and it will release the attached particles.

Black Mold is pretty common when you leave your boat alone for a season.I can drive by storage lots all over town and see neglected boats that are black with mold.Your best bet is bleach but if the mold has set long enough,the black mold will have etched into your cushions and that is permanent.If you own a boat, boat detailing is going to take up a lot of your time so be ready.

Orange Stain on hulls or as it is called Intracoastal Mustache is removed easily with ON Off hull cleaner. Or any of these Acidic Cleaners

orange-stains-on-boatOrange stain removed with acid

When boat detailing what kind of protection should you use?

boat detailing palm coastSimix makes your life easy and Your Investment Last

“What can I say about Simix that hasn't already been said?   We used the product first on our 31ft center console and it literally takes no effort to clean the boat when we come back to the dock. I have the mate hose the boat, we scrub the decks and shammy in less than a half hour. Just recently we applied a couple coats to our new 95ft motor yacht, although it’s new we have not had to soap the boat in 6 weeks and it looks great. A hose and shammy and the boat is always clean. This stuff is amazing, it literally took me by myself the other day, 4 hours to hose and shammy the entire boat from the top of the mast all the way to the water line.

"Dirt just doesn't stick”
Capt Mike Palance
Palm Beach, FL

Here is a pic of Captain Dave's boat.The boat is two years old and he has built several coats.He uses Simix

Simix Supreme Shield Concentrate

If you want to maintain your boat in pristine condition you should be using Simix. Read Captain Dave's testimonial here

Yeah I know you never heard of it but those that have will never go back to wax.Wax is like using snail mail.Old technology that in my opinion should be forgotten about.I only use Simix because it is the best thing for my customers.

It last longer,looks better and your vessel stays cleaner and easier to clean.

My customers tell me after a trip to the gulf stream they rinse the boat down,no fish guts stick salt rinses off I mean EASY maintenance.

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When I am in Florida I always stop by St Augustine to let the Detail Man take care of my Rig, Michael Goulian Red Bull Air Race Pilot

Simix Does it All