Brake Dust Repellent

Armor all brake dust repellent use to be my go to product but I now use a product that is more effective.

I use the same product for the entire car.Paint,wheels,chrome and glass,therefore simplifying my life.

When braking force is applied, small amounts of material are gradually ground off the brake pads. This material is known as "brake dust" and a fair amount of it usually deposits itself on the braking system and the surrounding wheel. Brake dust can badly damage the finish of most wheels if not washed off. Airborne  dust is known to be a health hazard, so most repair manuals recommend the use of a chemical 'brake cleaner' instead of compressed air to remove the dust. Different brake pad formulations create different amounts of dust, and some formulations, particularly metallic brake pads, are much more damaging than others. Ceramic brake pads contain significantly fewer metal particles, and therefore produce less corrosion of surrounding metal parts.

Okay.Brake dust is a pain,so why not use dust repellent..They do sell brake dust shields but if you are not careful when you go to clean your wheels you can actually push the shield backward and cause an irritating noise in your braking.Brake dust repellents are for real and they do work.

Brake dust is easy enough to deal with by coating your wheels

All of my customers wheels not only stay clean but are easy to clean.No scrubbing hassles just a wipe or rinse and the brake dust never sticks.

Brake dust repellent applied on the wheel below


Being a detailer for twenty seven years I have tried and used a multitude of products but in the final analysis I have discovered that there are only a few products needed to get the job done and make happy customers.This understanding has helped me to reduce my material cost.

Most importantly making repeat happy customers.

If you let it  attach to your wheels,you will have a problem.The brake dust will actually etch into your wheel and ruin it.The wheel pictured here was treated on half and driven for a week.You can see the treated side remained clean.


Here's the best part!!!!
It goes on the whole car

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Question On Simix Supreme Shield call Tony @ 904 599 1414

32 Years professional Detailer

This is a concentrate

Question On Simix Supreme Shield call Tony @ 904 599 1414

32 Years professional Detailer

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Simix Supreme Shield Concentrate

Some people want to charge extra for  protection but I include it on every detail.Why?Why not.It cost very little and my customers love it.I have had the same customers for twenty years plus.

I love it when they actually call me and have noticed their wheels stay so much cleaner.If you want to save your wheels you had better protect them or they will rot away.Wheels are expensive so why not protect them.For twenty bucks you can protect your whole car,your wife's car and four or five kids.Not just the wheels but the whole car.Paint,glass,wheels,rubber trim.The whole car,so if you are going to use a brake dust repellent why not go simple.

This product is also photocatalytic

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