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Most of us here for good car care,change your oil every three thousand miles.I try that program but usually it ends up being every four to five thousand .

Well how often should you wax your car?Every five thousand miles is a good plan.Now keep in mind,if you use carnauba wax you will have to wax it more often.

It is a well known fact that carnauba wax will give a great gloss but oxidizes off within thirty days in the summer and about sixty days in the winter.I use Simix non wax clear coating as it last 8000 miles plus and is so simple and easy to use.

One thing for sure if you do not maintain your paint on a regular basis your paint will fade and go away.

Wait!! You say you purchased a lifetime paint protection from your car dealer.Okay fair enough.Read your contract because you have to bring your car back in,usually every six months,for a re-application.Otherwise your contract is void.

Know this for sure,There is no such thing as lifetime paint protection!!!!

I don't care what anybody tells you there is no such thing.You have to plan to maintain your paint based on your driving habits and whether the car is garaged or not.


Car care interior

How about the interior?Well Uv light is constantly attacking your vinyl or leather so you must use a good UV protectant on all interior surfaces and leather conditioner on your leather.If you do not condition your leather, It will crack.

carpets can be maintained with a simple vacuum.

If you have a spill on your carpet,if you do not extract whatever spills you will find that odors begin to develop in the vehicle.How do you extract spills on car carpets?

Go to the local do it your self car wash and use their big vacuum cleaners to completley extract whatever you spilled.Was it milk? Get it out quick or you will have a stink fest.

Have you taken a drive on the beach?Make sure to rinse the under carriage or rust is going to be greatly accelerated.Basic car care is certainly pretty basic but time consuming so if you need it done give me a call.

For such a large investment would't it be a good idea to put a little time or money into maintaining your baby.Just the basics.Regular wash jobs by hand and some paint protection.

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