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Car cleaning in St Augustine has been my profession for twenty seven years.It wasn't supposed to be that way but that's how it worked out.I needed to make money fast so I took a job at a car wash and began to absorb the training.

Over the years I began to learn everything that I could about detailing cars.From there I learned about boats,planes,motorcycles and all of the variables that went with each situation.Now at this point of the game I can do anything in the car cleaning business.

So what does it take for great car cleaning?

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Hard work and a lot of knowledge.What products to use and how to use them.

I for years have used Meguiars products, as a rule, but also some 3m.I found these products to be the best for all scenarios and they are available everywhere like auto parts stores and Walmart

Meguiars has car soaps waxes, carpet products,leather products etc.The only change is I now use Simix clear coat protection in substitute for wax.It is easier and better than anything

  1. Get a good car soap.Things like dish washing liquid are highly alkaline and attack the paint surface.PH balanced soaps that are made for paint are the best and safest for washing your car.Automatic car washes use highly alkaline products so beware.
  2. Get a good shammy(Shammy is made to dry cars)Genuine chamois leather has almost no abrasive properties, and can be used as a very absorbent drying material for any auto surface. This has made it a popular product for car cleaning and drying.
  3. Get some UV protection for the interior. Do not use Armor All.It actually dries out your vinyl
  4. Leather cleaner and conditioner for leather interiors.The best in the world can be found here
  5. Get some good wax or Simix non wax 
  6. Wash with city water in the shade and do not let water dry on the car.It will develop water spots.DO NOT USE WELL WATER
  7. Brake dust cleaner
  8. Window cleaner

Be prepared for some work,but I approach it with the attitude that it is like a workout.

Wet the car down and then apply soap.The car soap will loosen the dirt particles and remove them with minimum abuse to the paint.Gently rub the car with a soapy wet cloth and rinse.

Once you have washed the whole car(remember do not let soap dry on car)rinse thoroughly and dry with shammy.

Then apply paint protection.I use Simix but Meguiars is available at wal mart

Apply UV protection to interior

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Simix Does it All