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Car Wash St Augustine  a Custom car wash at your home or office

No harsh brushes or harsh chemicals on your paint.All performed by hand at your home or office.

No beginners will be working on your car.I am on every job or one of my trained associates to assure quality work.

100 percent guaranteed.

When I clean your wheels there will not be any missed spots.I clean one side,then roll the car one half a foot to clean the other side.

Do you want the brakedust removed from the backside of your wheel?We can do it.

When I say car wash it means outside and inside.A complete hand wash job interior vacuum wipe the dashboard down vacuum the trunk and streak free windows.

All to often you think you getting a deal at a drive through only to find when you leave it is not what you expected.We have all heard we pay for what we get and that of course applies to a car wash.

  • WE will come to your home or office and
  1. Thoroughly hand wash
  2. Vacuum interior
  3. wipe dash board and instrument panel
  4. Wipe door jambs
  5. Vacuum Trunk
  6. Shiny tires
  7. Brake dust removal
  8. Streak free windows All of this starts at $45.00


Car Wash St Augustine or A Detailed Cleaning?

Does your car need more than a wash?Is it oxidized ? If that is the case you will need more than just a wash to correct that.

Are there love bugs all over your paint? Get them off fast to prevent damage.

Would you like brake dust repellant.We have the best on the planet.This coating applied to your wheels will prevent brake dust adheasion and your wheels will stay cleaner longer

How about dog hair.I can get it out for you

If you have been egged you need to wash immediately.

Head light restoration

Clay bar treatments

Smoke odor removal

Has your car been hit by sprinklers.Water spots that will not come off?I can get them off and it won't break the bank.

Sometimes when we neglect our car,it will need a detail to put it in shape.

If you feel your car needs a detail,click here

Whatever you need, when it comes to automobile appearance and protection,I have the experience to meet your needs Read about car care here

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