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So what is a clay bar? They have been on the market for about thirty years I have been detailing for twenty six years and they have been around at least that long.

What does it do.It removes contamination from your paint and glass.

You say you have a brand new car and you do not have contamination.Well you probably do.

When a car comes off the production line it ends up in a lot waiting for transport to the new car dealer.It could be shipped across the ocean or shipped on a truck.

Either way it will definitely pick up environmental contamination.How do you know if you have contamination.Watch my video below and it will let you know

Video gives you a general idea on how to evaluate your paint

Clay bar And Paint Overspray

Paint over spray is another issue that this little magic bar deals with.Paint over spray comes from painting contractors spray painting a building.The wind picks up the paint particles and carries them to your car.When they land on your paint it is obvious and does need to be removed.It can ruin your clear coat

Over spray is considered a negative occurrence in auto detailing.Negative for the car owner but the detailer is going to get some business out of the accidental over spray .

There are businesses created solely to clean over spray off surfaces...there are many potential ways to clean over sprayed cars: solvents, razor blades, rubbing compounds. But the most common procedure to remove over spray is the use of a specialty bar. There are many manufacturers of such bars, including: meguiars, 3M, clay magic, mothers. There are an estimated 200,000 oversprayed cars per year in the United States.

Over the years I have seen people do a little project in the garage and they use a spray paint to touch up something.They are not aware that the paint is actually landing on their car.

They wonder why their paint feels very rough.It takes a clay job to remove this contamination so be careful where you use your spray cans.

Some might recommend clay to remove tree sap but i found this works better

Others say clay is great for tar and it is but i like laquer thinner  for tar because it works faster.

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