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We come to you and at your home or office and clean headlights in St Augustine,Palm Coast, Palencia and World  Golf Village

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Clean headlights in St Augustine.  If your headlights are cloudy, yellow, or hazy then you need to restore them. Call me at 904 377 3884 and I will come to you.

Clean Headlights  Restoration St Augustine.Repair cloudy or yellow headlights with one phone call to the hazy headlight repair specialist

If you go to price out new headlights for your car,you are in for a shock.they are EXPENSIVE. You could maybe get lucky at a junk yard, but then will they work when you get home.

Call the Detail Man 30 years in St Augustine 904 3773884

Faded headlights are not only unsightly but unsafe.If your headlights are cloudy it greatly reduces your night vision which is a safety hazard for you and your family.

Some states will fail you on inspection for cloudy headlights.

I have seen quite a few products on the market promoting headlight restoration..and for the most part they do not work.If your head light have a slight haze on them you could have some good results,but more often than not, the so called headlight restoration products will not perform.

I have restored thousands of headlights over the last twenty five years and I know what works

You have to understand the condition of your headlight and you can do that with a simple test.Take some plastic polish, available at wal mart or auto parts stores. Meguiar's has a great plastic polish that will give you the whole story.If you take the polish and rub hard on the headlight if it is an easy fix,this will get the job done.

If you rub by hand with the plastic polish and the headlight still remains cloudy,you will then have to get into a wet sanding process.Depending on the condition of the light you will need

  • Sandpaper starting with 400 grit then 600,1000,and 2000
  • A spray bottle of water
  • A drill with wool buffing pads or a high speed buffer
  • Plastic polish or 3M 3000 grit finishing compound
  • If you want to price out new headlights visit the link below

How to get it done

.It is a good idea to lift the hood of the car so you do not drag your sandpaper across the paint.You can tape off under the headlight to protect the area beneath the headlight.

  1. Take your spray bottle and wet out the headlight.Then begin with your 400 grit sandpaper and sand the plastic until it feels completely smooth.You can feel the headlight with your fingers and feel if there are any areas that are not smooth.Smooth on this step is crucial
  2. Take your 600 paper and repeat to smooth out the 400 sanding marks
  3. Repeat with each grit until you finish with the 2000
  4. Take your plastic polish or 3M 3000 finishing compound and buff to a clear high luster headlight

Make extra money restoring headlights

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I know a few guys that all they do is restore headlights and do well at it.

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