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Cleaning windows on cars

Cleaning windows on cars is probably the hardest part of detailing and few people can get it right.Part of the problem are the VOC's in the car interior.

Results indicate that car interiors can be a significant source of indoor pollution.

VOC levels of new cars are significantly higher than recommended levels for today's indoor compartment New car interiors show significant presence of plastics,woods,leathers, and textiles, and many of these have been installed with glues and sealants. These glues and sealants in a cars interior give off volatile organic compounds.Theses gases land on your windows and you wonder why you can't get them clean.

Combined with you breathing on the window and the VOC'S your windows can be a nightmare.When cutting through Voc's you might have to resort to something heavier than ammonia or vinegar.I use a product that is a paint deep cleaner that cuts anything.I don't think they make it anymore but I stocked up.

Even it doesn't squeak It ain't clean.This holds true on glass more than anything.

Cleaning windows on cars can be extremely frustrating but it can be done and done right quickly if you know how.However even the best of the detailer's leave a streak now and then...but if you do not get the window angle down your whole detail looks bad.Lets go through the steps

  1. Crack all windows to get to the top crack of the window.This is crucial for a good job on cleaning windows on cars.If you miss this the customer is not getting their money's worth.
  2. Use microfiber cloths.Their are ones specifically for windows but you can make ant microfiber work.
  3. Proper Cleaners

Proper cleaners. Because I know you have tried a multitude of cleaners looking for the best result.Stoners,which is excellant,windex which I do not prefer and just about anything Now that is the ten million dollar question so I will tell you what I have found to work the best.

The fumes and oils that are emitted by your car's interior combine with the air conditioning and ventilation system of your car and literally coat the windows.These are called Volatile Organic Compounds. If you don't remove this film properly, you will wind up with streaked windows. Smoke covered windows are even more difficult.Difficult to the point that people call me to get the smoke film off.

The film is the hassle and getting streak free is the challenge.If you do not dilute cleaners properly they streak.

Cleaning windows is like a workout.You have to expect hassle and hard work at weird angles ,but I have been doing it for years and 99.9 percent of the time I get them right.

Make sure your rags are clean and use common sense.

Sometimes to get them right you are going to have to re do them especially if dealing with smoke and VOC's on the glass.

On exterior windows you can always use a squeegee which makes the job simple on the exterior but it is always the interior that makes you want to pull your hair out.

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