Dog Hair Removal

Dog hair removal in your car can be such a hassle.Once that hair gets locked in to your carpet it seems virtually impossible to get it out.

I began experimenting with the best way to get it out.Vacuum without  a  hair removal tool and you can plan on wasting a lot of time and have very poor results.

I tried all types of tools like sticky tape,and roll type lint removers.They worked okay but nothing works like neoprene.

It is the stuff that you see scuba suits made out of.You also see it in gloves and the video below shows you how I use  neoprene gloves to remove the hair with minimum effort.

I also found that rubber backed gloves work well.

Dog Hair Removal
 from your automobile with ease

The video shows you how I do it but I should mention that a quick vacuum to remove the loose dog hair first will save you some time.

Move the vacuum briskly across the carpet or seat and apply a little friction with the end of the vacuum hose.I use a crevice tool and that seems to work best for me.

One thing I will tell you is if you do not employ this technique you will spend way more time than necessary trying to get rid of the dog hair.

There is also what is called a pumice stone that works very well except for the fact that it does grab the cloth or the carpet a little more than I like.

The pumice stone also is not safe around the cloth on the door handles because  i have seen it grab the cloth and actually pull it away from the surface

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