Egg on car paint?

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Deal with it FAST or you will be buying a paint job...Egg on car paint,especially in the hot sun is like laying a hot nickel on top of a stick of butter.It will melt right through it.

If you discover egg on your paint quickly use ample amounts of water and any kind of safe cleaner that is available.Do not waste time or procrastinate or you will be painting. Period

If the egg hits the paint with the tip,you probably will see a mark that goes to the primer coat and that is caused by the impact of the egg.

Lets face it.If you have egg on paint it was thrown there.Some one for the hell of it or ticked off at you.It normally happens at night,so you see your car when you walk out of the garage and there it is.

Don't waste time Get it off

Does wax protect you from egg on car paint .No. Carnuaba wax is very soft.Highly effective for shine but not protection.

Meguiars has some good protection and I used the Cleaner wax in the maroon bottle as my every day protection product.Yes there are more effective treatments out there now.I now use Simix Renewable Clear Coating and I was egged two halloweens ago and had zero damage.I sell the Simix but there are other ones out there.

I have seen a product called crystal supreme shield which looks like it does the same thing as the Simix product.I know one thing ,nothing and I mean nothing sticks to the stuff.

It is called Sio2 technology which fits into the potassium silicate research area.

Potassium silicates are basically ambient temperature cured glass and are incredibly easy to apply.

Below is a video of the technology on a car.

All of my customers and buddy's who have tried the technology no longer use wax because you are taking this Sio2 tech and building microscopic sheets of glass on your paint,your black trim basically every part of the car.

Plus the car or motorcycle stays cleaner longer

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