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I got my first computer when I was 47 years old .Generation X had to get up to speed.I had to because a guy I was working with needed updated pictures and information on a project here in Florida and he lived in Wisconsin.Snail mail would not get the job done so I had to get a lap top.

I always wondered about making money with the computer but had no clue on how to do it.I have owned my own auto detailing service in St Augustine Florida for twenty seven years and it is becoming apparent that I will not be able to physically do the job for much longer.

I was looking for options in areas that did not include labor

and the computer looked like an option.But How?Well I began to research and came across this website builder called SBI.

It is now November of 2012 and I am just getting started.

My traffic is growing steadily as promised,Generation X man is pumped

It was way cheaper than paying someone else.

Now the more I get into this thing I begin to see all the ways that a person can make money on the web,but the ultimate key is traffic to your site.

I have been studying the guides in SBI and they instruct me that a search engine looks for thirty two criteria to give a page a good mark.Well what I like about this SBI is they have a tool that helps me analyze each page before I build it.It seems to work because my pages are climbing in rank.

Like anything else in life it takes work.SBI! is a premium website building system for static websites that launched in 2000.

SiteSell prides themselves on the step by step guidance they provide instead of just doling out unlimited gigabytes of web page space and a "good luck!"

Their system comes with a domain name, hosting, autoresponder, brainstorming tools (niche finder), mailing list manager, forum support, site builder, marketing tips and more.

You will receive a video action guide that will walk you through the brainstorming and website building process. The system is broken down into 10 days and you can follow along at your own pace.

You just write about something that you know best.I know auto detailing so I am writing about that.I have seen people making a living selling sewing patterns.So if you know something about anything you can build a site and make money at it.

I have made no money yet,except from local business picking up substantially, but I just started thirty days ago.My main goal is to make money off adds I put on my site.I will keep you informed.

November 20 2012 I am fifty days in and traffic is steady building.I am receiving click through' s to my affiliate links which are only a few but no moola yet.

Okay I just made 6o cents from e bay links.People just clicking on the adds that i have placed on site.Theory works.Traffic is the key and after three months my traffic average has doubled every month.Now just a matter of time.Generation x getting on a roll

I am going to include links to all of the Solo Build It info links by category.What ever you know best, just write about it like I am doing.Whether a mechanic,model or executive.

If you build it they will come holds true only if you build it right.

I am beginning to understand the psychology of the web and that feels good.It is very interesting to me and I love learning new things.See ya soon

There is a link below that gives tons of good information on the company.Also the video is about a Guy that has done great.

All I know is that I am going to need a supplement to my income because I will not be able to physically within a few years do what I do now.Generation x hits reality

Another way that I can make money is through affiliate programs.The website that led me here was signed up with SBI and she makes a little money on me.Click here for the free affiliate masters course


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