How to Remove Tree Sap from a Car

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How to Remove Tree Sap from a Car?It really is pretty simple.For years I used all kinds of different tar and tree sap removers and finally settled on goof off.

As long as you have a clear coat paint job you will be good to go.Simply saturate a soft cloth with the goof off and gently rub the tree sap until it disappears.

If you let tree sap stay on your paint for over a month,especially in hot sun,you run the risk of ruining your paint job.The tree sap is like a weight on your clear coat.

Imagine a nickel on a stick of butter in direct sunlight in Florida on a 95 degree day.You will see the nickel slowly etch it's way down into the butter.

Tree sap on paint basically does the same thing except it does take a couple months to completely ruin your paint.Do Not Procrastinate because if you do wait and put it off,expect to see a shadow in your paint that is nine times out of ten unmovable,even with wet sanding or buffing so when you see the sap,get it off.

Sometimes if you catch it quick you might get lucky with some alcohol or fingernail polish remover.

Always do a test area say under the fender if you are not sure if you have a clear coat.All cars after 1987 if painted according to epa standards should have a clear coat,but always better safe than sorry.

I know I have been using goof off for years with great results and it is cheap.It can also be used on tar and paint transfer.Paint transfer is when you accidently rubbed your bumper on another object and lots of times the goof off will take the paint transfer off but not damage your paint

I do use rubber gloves otherwise you begin to get the taste of goof off in your mouth from absorption through the skin,and I would venture to say it is not a good idea to have goof off running through your blood stream

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