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I began detailing cars twenty seven years ago in St Augustine Florida.I needed money quick so I took a job at a detail shop to get paid daily.

We detailed cars for automobile dealerships and that is where I learned the trade.I took it to heart, that there was a good living to be made in the automotive detailing business.

One thing for sure, you can start detailing for less than a hundred dollars in equipment and supplies and make Twenty bucks an hour or better just doing personalized car  washes for clients like lawyers,doctors,secretaries or just about anybody who gets a dirty car which by the way is everyone.

If you are good at it and do not mind hard work you can be so busy so fast it will blow your mind.

Remember I needed money fast so I quickly got past the idea that I needed pressure washers and extractors.All I needed  gardenhose                                                                                       

The key is you do it in their driveway or office.You can start out of the trunk of your car and make great living.Yes of course now I have a van,a water tank,onboard power etc,but when you are broke you gotta do what you gotta do.

I have started over twenty people over the years how to do this and many of them  are as busy as they can possibly be.The ones who are not busy are the ones who It wasn't their cup of tea,can't follow directions or just plain lazy.

Learn auto detailing starts with wash jobs

Start a detail business in your trunk

So How do you get customers?

You walk into any business any where and tell them what you do.You will get rejected at some places but I promise if you pitch custom wash jobs for 20 bucks you will have takers quick.

So in essence, you have got to have the balls to walk into a office and pitch your service.If you are a hustler you will be slammed .

Now the natural course of action is people ask,"How much for a wax job"

Now you charge about 75 to 100 and higher depending on the vehicle.

I do not use wax at all.I use Simix which is the new technology and so much easier for you and awesome for the customer.

Want personal Training?

Call Roy 904 377 6881

You can ride with me for 1 month and learn all you will need to get started in your own detailing business.Worried about competition?There is no such thing in the detailing business.

I have trained ten people in St Augustine alone and we never see each other

Before I accept your money I must meet you and make sure we get along.We will equally evaluate each other before moving forward.Call with questions

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When I am in Florida I always stop by St Augustine to let the Detail Man take care of my Rig, Michael Goulian Red Bull Air Race Pilot

Simix Does it All