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I met Mat through his foster brother Roy.They met while in foster care and formed a lifetime bond of friendship.

They both experienced horrendous childhood experiences but somehow have managed to become functional members of society.

Mats mom was an abuser that they write books about.Daily beatings and starvation were just par for the course.

Living on microwave popcorn for weeks only to get the great treat of some ramen noodles.

Mat's mother could only be described as a demon.In jail for murdering her husband and in laws in a fit of rage.

Of course Mat ended up in foster care shipped around the country and finally landed back here hooking up with Roy.

Somewhere Mat made the choice to be completely different from his mother and is now raising a beautiful son with is lady Samantha.

In order to provide for his family he went to truck driving school and began to travel across the U.S. to bring in a paycheck.

Missing his wife and son he was looking for opportunity so he could be home every night with his family.That's how he became one of my men.

He is a man of integrity and is looking forward to teaching his son a different path.

Mat also is one who doesn't whine about his childhood but faces life head on.He has his struggles like all of us but moves forward in strides every day.

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