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I have seen lately a trend towards matte car paint on car and motorcycles.The big mystery seems to be how to take care of this type of automotive paint.No real mystery just common sense and a few of the right products.

  • Never buff it because this will make it shiny and you cannot repair that
  • Avoid automatic car washes(This is true with all car colors)
  • Use a product that will protect the paint without shining the paint Simix NOn wax clear coating

You don't want to give a high gloss to a matte finish, but you do want to have a nice, rich color and sheen to it. So it's important to use the right products."

Firstly, a conventional automatic car wash is an absolute no-no. Hand washing with soap made for cars, not dish detergent. For light dirt, a quick detailer and a soft all-cotton cloth is recommended.

Waxing is a good idea, but here, too, you have to be careful. Buffing would make the paint shiny and uneven. A liquid spray wax - again, with only a cotton cloth to apply - is the way to go.

Traditionally, if your shiny paint got scratched up, you could use a little elbow grease and the right kind of products to make it shiny again. With matte finish paint, it's a whole different world. Once matte paint is accidentally shined, there's no turning back. It's ruined.

The same is true if the matte car paint gets a deep scratch.

"Unfortunately, there's no way to fix that only you go back to a body shop and have it repainted.

Matte paint is catching on and will probably continue to do so. If you're thinking it's the look you want on your next car, be careful. Otherwise, something that's supposed to look really good could end up looking really bad.

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Titanium Dioxide and Matte paint

Everyone tells you to not use any thing that will take away from the flat matte look.

I have been using Simix for eight years on everything but when a man called to see if I could detail matte paint I wasn't sure.

What next?Get with my auto body guy and see if Simix could do the job.

The beauty of knowing a guy in the body shop business is if you screw it up,a couple six packs,cost of materials and a cookout and presto repaint done.

He had a customer with matte car paint who needed a detail so we set it up.

Thirty seconds in I knew i was okay with the Simix. Paint looked rich but not shiny

Unlike colored pigments that provide opacity by absorbing visible light,titanium
dioxide and other white pigments provide opacity by scattering light.This scattering is possible because the white pigment can bend light. If there is enough pigment in a system, all light striking the surface, except for the small amount absorbed by the polymer or pigment, will be scattered outward, and the system will appear opaque . Light scattering is accomplished by refraction and diffraction of light as it passes through or near pigment particles.

An opaque object is neither transparent (allowing all light to pass through) nor translucent (allowing some light to pass through). When light strikes an interface between two substances, in general some may be reflected, some absorbed, some scattered, and the rest

In other word it works on matte car paint for ultimate protection without making the surface shiny.

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