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Motorcycle detailing in St Augustine has never been this easy. I have been waxing and detailing motorcycles in St Augustine and Palm Coast for thirty Years.

I no longer use wax, but use hydro phobic coatings which last longer and for the same price.

Motorcycles need love too.If you want your bike to stay looking good you have to use protection.You can prevent corrosion on your chrome if you maintain your cycle.We are close to the ocean and salt air in St. Augustine Florida so it is crucial to use protection on your cycle.

If you neglect it your chrome(Which by the way is not really chrome) you will begin to see green spots of corrosion before it totally breaks down.The chrome on your bike is more like a plastic coated with chrome.

  • I have been motorcycle detailing for thirty years and have seen the quality of everything get worse and worse.Paint is the exception to the rule,but if you want your bike to stay looking good do not neglect it.
  • Keep protection on all parts of the bike to prevent salt air and environmental contaminants from attaching to the surface.
  • If it is dirty wash it.
  • If you park it outside cover it

Before and After

I have detailed thousands over the years,here is one example below

Motorcycle DetailingBefore

Just so you know I only use a hydrophobic coating because it has been my experience that these coatings put wax to shame.

Read more about it here

Simix Supreme Shield Concentrate

Motorcycle Detailing Wheels

Aluminum wheels can be restored even after being neglected for years. View my video below.Sometimes you will need to start with 400 sandpaper and work your way up,but the video will give you an idea on how to get it done.

You can get it done.

There is a mention in the video about hydrofluoric acid.It is known in the industry as aluminum brightener.Be careful with this stuff.It is hard core aggressive and can mess your day up.Click here for msds on hydrofluoric acid

Now when motorcycle detailing trying to clean tight spots you can use plastic spatula with a micro fiber cloth to get to the tight spots.I go to the dollar store and buy a package of plastic spatula's which get the job done.They usually help me detail four to five bikes.Well worth the dollar investment.

If your forks are rusted you can wet sand them and then spray with a wheel paint available at wal-mart or auto parts store like Napa or Auto Zone

Motorcycle Detailing
and pitted forks

  1. Things You'll Need Motorcycle stand or liftSocket wrenchAircraft-grade paint stripper InstructionsPlace the motorcycle on a stand or lift. Remove the calipers and front wheel from the forks. Using a socket wrench, loosen the pinch bolts on the upper and lower triple clamps. Slide the forks out from the bottom of the triple clamp. Set the forks on a clean work area.

2 Prepare the forks by removing the painted or anodized finish from the fork tubes. Spray the fork tubes with an aircraft-grade paint stripper to remove paint. Scrub any remaining paint off with steel wool. Remove anodized finishes with an oven cleaning agent followed by sanding with 220-grit sandpaper. Remove surface rust from the fork tubes using a 600-grit sandpaper. Lifetime Warranty..

3 Smooth the fork tube's surface using coarse 150-grit sandpaper. Dip the sandpaper in a mixture of water and a mild soap and sand the fork tube using a consistent back and forth motion. Smooth out any irregularities until the tube's surface is uniform.

4 Refine the fork tube's surface. Using a 300-grit sandpaper, sand the fork tube in the opposite direction used in the previous step to remove the sanding marks left by the coarser sandpaper. Repeat this step, alternating sanding directions and using increasingly finer sandpaper until all sanding marks have been removed.

5 Using a cloth buffing wheel and an electric drill, apply rouge or a similar metal polish to the fork tubes. Use pressure on the buffing wheel to work the metal polish into the fork tubes. Continue until the fork tubes begin to shine. Replace the buffing wheel with a clean wheel and buff the fork tubes again to remove any remaining polish

6 Repeat on the remaining fork tube and reinstall the forks onto the motorcycle.

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