Killing MRSA in Cars

Germs in Your Car Driving You Crazy? MRSA is found in automobiles

Lets face it.We spend more time in our cars than anyplace else.They are breeding ground for all types of bacteria and virus's

A project was performed  to determine the relative numbers of bacteria and
molds in automobiles.Several variables were considered including different areas
of the vehicle, type of vehicle, whether there were children involved with the vehicle,geographic location, married or single drivers, and male or female drivers.

  • S. aureus was detected in 32.4% of 202 automobile samples from steering wheel and seatbelt buckles of rental cars.
  • MRSA was isolated from 100% of subways, buses, planes and trains sampled
  • In three airplanes tested, 60% of tray tables sampled harbored MRSA
  • In offices samples taken from desktops and phones at various businesses, 33% contained MRSA

One hundred total vehicles were tested in Illinois, Arizona, Florida, California and
Washington D.C. There were 11 sites tested inside each vehicle. Sites were sampled with
sterile transport swabs (Becton Dickinson, Sparks, MD) and sent overnight packed in an ice
chest to the University of Arizona and processed. Approximately four sq. inches was sampled
at each location.

Every possible scenario was tested.people with kids people without kids,single men,single women you name it.

Bottom line our cars are bacteria growing machines that we spend a large amount of time breathing basically contaminated air.
The average number of bacteria according to the site were also sampled. The radio knob had
the least amount of bacteria and food spills sampled had the highest number of bacteria. This
suggests that bacteria grow in food spills in the car. Unexpectedly, since it is not often utilized, the dashboard consistently had the second highest number of bacteria. The high number of bacteria on the dash board may reflect the movement of air over the dashboard.
Air is draw in from the dashboard and bacteria may be impacting the dashboard as the air is
drawn in to the air circulation system. The other possibility is that this is the warmest spot in
the automobile, i.e., the sun shines directly on the dashboard most of the day.

Here is where titanium dioxide come into play.Because of the UV light on the dashboard the titanium dioxide will constantly be popping off particles of hydrogen peroxide.Therefore killing germs in cars.

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bacteria numbers ranged from <10 to 8.0 x 105 CFU/ 4 sq inch. The dashboard food spills had ten times more bacteria than the radio knob or the seat belt.
More bacteria were isolated in Vans and SUV’s than cars, which may reflect the greater
numbers of people in the larger vehicles or perhaps greater occurrence of children in the
larger vehicles.
As might be expected the greater numbers of bacteria were found in automobiles that
carried children as passengers.

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