New car Smell

What is the new car smell?Actually it is VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds

Do you want to make your car a more friendly environment for your family?If so then read on.

Is formaldehyde the sole source of the 'new  smell'? No. It's more than likely the combined  (of which formaldehyde is one) emitting from the interior, as there's over a dozen  which are present.

They found that the amount of  present is dependent upon the 'delivery time' of the car from the manufacturer. Those cars which didn't have a 'shelf life' at a dealership had the highest amounts of VOCs present. Those which had been on display outside had the lowest. The chemicals they recorded were:

  • Volatile organic compounds surround us in everyday life.Our home is a source and your car is to.The voc' in a car are listed as
  • acetone +n-pentanen-
  • Hexane + MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone)
  • Benzene
  • MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone)
  • Toluene
  • m+p Xylene
  • Styrene + o-xylene
  • Ethylene glycol
  • butyl ether
  • 1,2,4 trimethylbenzenen-
  • undecane n
  • decane2-
  • propylheptanol
  • n-dodecane
  • ethylbenzene
  • cyclohexanon
  • en-heptane

Pretty nasty group of chemicals seeping from the components of your car

Make Your Car Interior Safer with Tio2

Titanium dioxide in nano meter particles actually eliminate the Volatile Organic Compounds's in car and buildings.Sick house syndrome is now being traced to sick car syndrome.No wonder when you look at all the chemicals you are actually breathing while in your car.

  • Do you or your child have watery eyes or a sore throat after riding in the car? Maybe it is from the Volatile Organic Compounds or the new car smell.
  • Ever wonder where that weird film comes from on your interior glass.Hard to clean.Probably Volatile Organic Compounds'S

Titanium dioxide in nano meter particles actually eliminate these gases in car and buildings through the process of photo-catalysis

Tremendous amount of various hazardous air pollutants are emitted from the interior materials,
adhesives, sealants, and paints of cars. These pollutants can be very dangerous for the passenger. In
case of railroad passenger cabin, the situation is quite similar to that of cars because largely similar
materials are used for the manufacturing of the passenger cabin.

Many components of your automobile, interior and exterior, contain TiO2. . Titanium dioxide white pigment is a key component of this paint. Today and in the future, more and more exterior parts are being replaced with lighter weight, scratch and dent resistant high value plastic materials.

What is the Solution

The particles that are in your car are not photo catalytic but you can get the ones that clean the gases.

Tio2 when exposed to UV light of the sun or artificial light will naturally eliminate toxic gases in the cabin of your car.I treat all my customer cars with Simix tio2

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