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So you let your wheels go.Repair pitted motorcycle wheel with ease with a few simple item from the auto parts store.

Pitted motorcycle wheels happen from neglect and usually allowing brake dust to sit to long and attach to the wheels.Salty air can certainly do it.If you live near the beach,you better keep up on it or your bike will rot before your eyes.

Sometimes i have seen pits when a bike comes out of the crate.

Think about it.If you buy a bike from Overseas they have to be shipped and they are shipped on the Ocean blue.Salt air is all over it.Yes they do use some protection but never enough.

Below is a video on how I get it done

Repair Pitted Motorcycle Wheel wet sanding aluminum

How to Sand your Wheels.

In the video you see me quickly sanding the wheel.You can operate quickly as long as you are going with the grain.Remember We are talking aluminum wheels.Not chrome.Do not sand chrome.You will end up with a hazed piece of metal.Yes you can remove some surface corrosion on chrome with 3000 grit but you will still have a little haze.

Any how, back to  pitted motorcycle wheel.You will notice on the wheel a pattern.Small grooves that show you the pattern to sand.Go with the grain.Apply consistent pressure not bearing to hard but consistent.

Rub back and forth and you will begin to see the pit in the wheel disappear.Once you have the pit gone then begin working your way up the sandpaper ladder until you are happy with the look of your wheel.

If you have a dremel tool or just a drill with a wool buffing pad you can bring your aluminum back from the gates of hell to a brilliant shine.Here is what you need.

  • Sand paper combo pack.400 to 2000.You will probably spend about eight dollars on sand paper,unless you choose to get a sheet of 3000
  • 3000 is about seven bucks s a sheet.
  • Aluminum polish( Mothers will work)
  • Wire Wheel Cleaner hydrofluoric acid.Look at the wheel cleaners on the shelf

and read the ingredients.You can do it without the chemical but it is easier with it.

That is how you repair  motorcycle wheel.

Once you got it polished you can continue to polish until a high shine is accomplished.

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