Roy's Story
Change is Possible

I met Roy through his brother Dustin about ten years ago.They were both out of the foster care program.

You know I thought I had a rough childhood but when life shows up and say's to you "You didn't have it that rough.When I heard Roy and Dustin's story of the relentless abuse they endured I couldn't turn them away.

The nights where there step father would practice his machete throwing skills by asking the boys "Do you trust me." If they said no it was a beating if they said yes he would wing the machete as close to their heads as possible and in one case his brothers ear was nearly completely severed.

The starvation was another theme that was common in his home.I could write a thousand page novel on the stories I heard that were terrible realities for these young boys.

This is just one of many stories that I heard but the boys were eventually removed from the home.

You would think that would be better but in many cases the foster care system fell short as many foster parents were in it for the money and not for the true calling of love and security for a hurting child.

Well God led them into my life to mentor these young men and all they were looking for was some leadership.

Roy has become a loving and caring father to his children working as hard as he can to provide for his family.

Making sure his children never experience the terror that he endured.

He is a man of his word and honest as they come.He also does not whine about his crappy childhood but confronts his issues head on and moves forward in life.

I am proud to know him

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