Fix Scratches On car paint

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Fix Scratches On car paint

I received a call fro a man who had recently been spray painting his cabinets in the garage.The Cabinets looked great but he was horrified to see,Both his cars were over-sprayed . Over spray is when small particles of paint float through the air and land on an object.Millions of little spots all over the car.

Now a simple clay job would have done the trick,but he decided to take a brillo pad to remove the paint.Big Mistake

Below are a couple shots at different angles. The whole car looked like this.

Below those pics is the repaired look.I tried to get the same pics but the lighting had changed.The results were the same.Perfect paint

Here is How You Do It

Tools Needed

  • Clay bar
  • 2000 grit sandpaper
  • 3M or similar scratch remover compound
  • 3M swirl removal
  • High speed buffer 3000 rpm
  • wool pad
  • foam pad
  • Micro fiber cloths.

First always wash the car.Then run a clay bar over the paint.Even though he scratched it to hell and back,the over spray is still there.It is important that you clay properly as you are going to have to wet sand.It really is very simple and any one can do it.Once properly washed and clayed

  1. Take 2000 grit sand paper and evenly wet sand the affected area.Don't be shy.Apply light consistent pressure but do not bear down.
  2. After wet sanding say a square foot take your buffer with a wool pad  and polish with the buffer at 2800 rpm.After you see the results continue to duplicate the process on the rest of the car
  3. Take swirl remover with black pad buff car
  4. Seal with Simix Non wax  renewable clear coating

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