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Self cleaning buildings

Nine years ago a began investigating the nano science field as a hobby.I had met a scientist who asked me to try out his new car care product.It was so incredible I became interested in the technology on exterior building applications.

Incredibly enough his invention,or should I say his formula was incredible on concrete,buildings,stucco and asphalt shingle roofs.It really self cleaned any thing you put it on,as long as it got direct or indirect sunlight...

It was invented to stop the need for constant pressure washing.Areas that need pressure washing stay clean for three years plus.

The steps treated below self cleaned

How about this sidewalk,Same results with self cleaning technology

Cleaning time varies based on the angle of the sun.

This sign normally pressure washed 2 times a year.

5 years zero Pressure washing

How it works

Self cleaning technology works through the process of photocatlytic reaction.When titanium dioxide is exposed to UV light it produces hydrogen peroxide as an ongoing process for years.Therefore it never allows mold,mildew,and green algae to grow on anything

To say the least it is pretty cool stuff.I have treated both of my houses and some buildings for the University of Florida.

The Syd martin Building in Alachua has stayed clean for four years and it was a yearly project for UF to clean this building.Prime example of self cleaning buildings. They have saved countless thousands of gallons of water,as well as thousands of dollars.It is a win win.

View the short video I did in St Augustine about the technology

Which, by the way, is the Nation's Oldest City and our 450th birthday comes up in 2015

There are a handful of companies on the planet that offer self cleaning technology.

You literally can treat any thing from toilets to roofing and it has incredible results.

We are all talking about global warming and the environment well this technology helps in the fact that the as it works, it cleans the air

Big companies like PPG and Alcoa are now getting into the game

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