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We are all familiar with self cleaning technology.We have been using it for years.

Self cleaning ovens etc,but how does self cleaning factor into automobiles,motorcycles and boats?

Very simply put through the. almost magic effects of titanium dioxide.

When I first heard the words titanium dioxide I thought it was some hard core nasty poison to be avoided at all cost.

Only to find out I have been using it my whole life in one form or another.

It is the eighth most common element on the planet and used in all paints and tons of foods for colorants.

It is used in

  • white powdered donuts
  • make up
  • sun block (most reflective element on the planet)
  • paint pigmentation(All white paints contain Titanium Dioxide)
  • toothpaste
  • plastic manufacturing
  • chewing gum as a colorant
  • Literally thousands of uses.

So how does it work for self cleaning technology?

Incredibly TIo2 (titanium dioxide) is photo catalytic.When the scientist said that to me,I hated science in school,I inquired as to what that meant.

Photo-catalytic means titanium dioxide reacts to sun light and water vapor meaning rain or humidity to produce Hydrogen peroxide constantly.Below is a excerpt from one of the founders of self cleaning technology

Starting in the late 1960s, we have been involved in
an unfolding story whose main character is the fascinating
material titanium dioxide (TiO2). This story began
with photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion and

then shifted into the area of environmental photocatalysis,
including self-cleaning surfaces, and most recently into the
area of photoinduced hydrophilicity, which involves not
only self-cleaning surfaces, but also antifogging ones. One
of the most interesting aspects of TiO2 is that the types
of photochemistry responsible for photocatalysis and hydrophilicity
are completely different, even though both can
occur simultaneously on the same surface.

Whew,heavy stuff for me but in the auto detail industry I have found this technology works.Not only on cars but on buildings and windows

It works because these self cleaning technology nano particles of titanium dioxide are contained in Simix Supreme Shield

at first I did not believe any of the claims that this scientist made,and he wanted me to test it out for him.So for a fee, and some free product, I agreed. Well here I am writing about the incredible results.

With me a new product is about one thing.DOES IT WORK

I could care less about all the scientific mumbo jumbo x =y to the z


My Customers Started Calling Me

  1. When I told my customers what I was doing, and I needed their feed back.
  2. I have always used Meguairs,Auto magic,and Mothers products on their cars
  3. Was there a difference in their opinion

Well the calls came in and it was things like this

  • Bill Bailey Comanchee Cove Boat harbor SON that shit is unreal(That's what he said).My Escalade sits here on this salt and gets dirty within two days,Now it takes a week and if it rains it's like I just washed it.
  • His son Billy JR. says taking care of his sport fisher is now so easy.The salt does not stick
  • Pete Auto body shop thirty years says,"I have never seen anything like this.It is body shop safe and it makes black cars look incredible,and they stay cleaner longer

Cleaner Longer

Cleaner longer is what it boils down to in the Automotive paint protection business.Everything treated does stay cleaner longer.The titanium dioxide is constantly self cleaning so things do not attach to the surface as quickly.

Will you have to wash your car? Yes but way less often.

The titanium dioxide has some incredible properties on cars

  • Cleaner longer
  • brake dust does not attach
  • window water repellant for months not weeks
  • Constantly sterilizing all interior components
  • It also helps clean pollution from the air. Read about titanium dioxide here

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