Simix Protector Plus Applicator

Here is how it works.Simple.You say you want to be an applicator?

I will build a web page for your local market and when they call, you go and apply it.Simple. Charge what you want. There are people doing this for 1000 bucks.I do it for 100 because I like staying slammed.

You order at least 1 gallon, and tell me you want to be an applicator and I will build for you, at no charge, a web page that will get you phone calls for the product.

Here is an example of the page

On that page you will be able to upload your pictures of your work.The more you upload the more your page will be found. You will also be able to leave content and refer to your Facebook page.It begins to feed off of each other

I do not care what town you are in worldwide, and say you want to be an applicator I will build a web page that will get you business.

If I get calls from people that you are not applying properly I will cut you off.Plain simple,and honest.

Golden rule I will keep my word,you keep yours. Simple

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