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Does your car have Spider webs in paint.take a look at the pic below.On the left you see spider webs and on the right corrected paint

On the left you see spider webs and on the right corrected paint.

So what causes this?Usually this comes from harsh brushes at automatic car washes or even when washing by hand you can get Swirls with the wrong kind of towels or when waxing.

It is possible that you have swirls

Swirls take place when a car is buffed with a high speed buffer.High speed buffing is necessary when paint is oxidized

To eliminate spiderwebs I use 3M 06064 Perfect-It Machine Polish - 1 Quart

You can eliminate spiderwebs and oxidation with high speed buffing and sometimes it is necessary to wet sand the paint in order to restore the paint to the original lustre.

Spider webs on paint can be remedied with proper polishes and technique.If you are trying to save money and are going to buff it your self make sure you have experience

If you only knew how many times over the years I have been called to fix what a rookie has done.Sometimes the damage is only repairable with a paint job.Remember a High speed buffer will turn at 3000 rpm and you can burn a whole in paint QUICK

So best bet is call a pro if you are not experienced with a high speed buffer.

Orbital buffers will not get the job done

I have twenty seven years in St Augustine as a auto detailer and if your paint can be repaired I can get it done.

Darker colored cars show this situation more than light colored but all cars usually suffer from spider webs.

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