Got Swirls in Car Paint?

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Swirls in car paint make your paint look crappy.

First of all are they swirls  or spiderwebs?Below is a picture of swirls in paint caused by high speed buffer with wool pad.Spider webs are pictured here

Here is a pic of swirls removed using a high speed buffer  with a black foam finishing pad

I use 3M 06064 Perfect-It Machine Polish - 1 Quart

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About two weeks ago I walked up on a brand new two hundred thousand dollar Mercedes Benz and couldn't believe my eyes.This car had been swirled to the max and the owner told me it happened at the dealership.I guess like everything else,except for technology,quality expectations are going down.

Mediocrity seems to rule now a days.In my day at dealerships I would not be able to turn out work like that but it seems to be rule of thumb present day.The consumer doesn't know what to look for so they just think that's the way their paint should look.

The pics below, on the left,half of the hood swirled and on the right, swirls removed.

You can see the appearance of the paint on the right looks the way it is supposed to look

Swirls in car paint before and after

If you have swirls in order to deal with them you will need a high speed buffer and some 3m or Meguiars swirl remover.You will also need some foam finishing pads.I recently found foam pads at harbor freight and at a reasonable price.

This is my wife;s Chevy Cavalier.I took some clear coat leveling polish made by Auto magic called XP compound.I used my wool pad to cut some swirls in the paint so I could get the picture.Once I was ready,after buffing at 2000 RPM I washed the area thoroughly and then buffed with Meguiars swirl remover.If you want to locate some look up Auto body Shop Supplies in your town.They will have it or something similar.

If your swirls are heavy into the clear cut you might have to resort to wet sand with 3000 and then buff.

Now if you are a rookie and not used to using a high speed buffer then you should not attempt this on an expensive car because you can very quickly mess your paint up by burning a whole in it.

Of course you bold people if you are willing to try,just remember do not let your buffer sit in one area.Keep moving the pad back and forth.

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